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A protective and often decorative covering for the back or arms of a chair or sofa.

[anti- + Macassar (oil), a kind of perfumed hair oil popular in the 1800s (after Makassar, from which oil from the seeds of the tree Schleichera oleosa, used to make fine hair oils, was exported).]


(Furniture) a cloth covering the back and arms of chairs, etc, to prevent soiling or as decoration
[C19: from anti- + Macassar (oil)]


(ˌæn tɪ məˈkæs ər)

a small, usu. ornamental covering placed on the backs and arms of upholstered furniture to prevent wear or soiling; a tidy.
[1850–55; anti- + Macassar (oil)]
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Noun1.antimacassar - a piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of a chair from hair oils
cloth covering - a covering made of cloth


[ˈæntɪməˈkæsəʳ] Nantimacasar m
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Hunt, my good woman; have a good look round, hunt under the tables, poke up the chimney, shake out the antimacassars.
The wooden bedstead, the waxed mahogany chairs, the chest of drawers, those brasses, the little square antimacassars carefully placed on the backs of the chairs, the clock on the mantelpiece and the harmless-looking ebony caskets at either end, lastly, the whatnot filled with shells, with red pin-cushions, with mother-of-pearl boats and an enormous ostrich-egg, the whole discreetly lighted by a shaded lamp standing on a small round table: this collection of ugly, peaceable, reasonable furniture, AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OPERA CELLARS, bewildered the imagination more than all the late fantastic happenings.
There may be tow-lines that are a credit to their profession - conscientious, respectable tow-lines - tow-lines that do not imagine they are crochet- work, and try to knit themselves up into antimacassars the instant they are left to themselves.
I glimpsed grimy antimacassars scattered over that horrid upholstery, which was awe-inspiring, in- somuch that one could not guess what mysterious accident, need, or fancy had collected it there.
In the latest example of revolutionary fault-finding, Shadi Sadr, a prominent feminist and human rights lawyer is in deep trouble with conservatives after posting a photo showing her reclining on a couch with an Islamic motif woven into the antimacassar.
A lacy curtain blowing in a man-made wind behind a bank of seats, and two swaths of lace crossing above midstage, suggested the timeworn history of Granny's antimacassar but offered no clues to help us read the acts that unfolded.
Langley can become entranced by the beauty of a single thread in an antimacassar, and pontificates endlessly about the hallowed significance of the neighborhood men returning from work ("It borders on the visible how they scatter behind them what's come before .
Peel away the antimacassar and aspidistra context and he's right.
Rural laconics like Will Rogers or George Gobel were always curios of another age, like the antimacassar.
That is the case especially in the pair of contact prints of Daniel and Louise Halevy: The two sit in the dark, taking turns in the same armchair with the same antimacassar, their heads and hands in slightly different arrangements, punctuated by a ring here, a brilliantly white cuff there, the detailing of veins and knuckles disconcerting in its corporeal specificity.
For those of us who would not know an antistoichon from an antimacassar, there is little help; the term is not explained.
Out on the street they take up positions shoulder to shoulder in long silent lines--not to buy sausages, as Western TV always shows them doing--but to sell their household possessions: a lamp, a picture frame, a lace antimacassar, a pair of shoes, a leather pocketbook or a suit jacket without the pants.