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 (ăn′tē-mĭ-tăb′ə-līt′, ăn′tī-)
A substance that closely resembles an essential metabolite and therefore inhibits physiological reactions involving that metabolite.

an′ti·met′a·bol′ic (-mĕt′ə-bŏl′ĭk) adj.


(Pharmacology) any drug that acts by disrupting the normal growth of a cell. Sulfonamide drugs are antimetabolites and some antimetabolites are used in cancer treatment


(ˌæn ti məˈtæb əˌlaɪt, ˌæn taɪ-)

any substance that interferes with growth by competing with a nutrient metabolite for receptors or enzymes in the body, used esp. for treating certain cancers.
an`ti•met`a•bol′ic (-ˌmɛt əˈbɒl ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.antimetabolite - an antineoplastic drug that inhibits the utilization of a metabolite
antineoplastic, antineoplastic drug, cancer drug - any of several drugs that control or kill neoplastic cells; used in chemotherapy to kill cancer cells; all have unpleasant side effects that may include nausea and vomiting and hair loss and suppression of bone marrow function
fluorouracil - an antimetabolite used to treat certain cancers
mercaptopurine, Purinethol - a drug (trade name Purinethol) that interferes with the metabolism of purine and is used to treat acute lymphocytic leukemia
amethopterin, methotrexate, methotrexate sodium - toxic antimetabolite that limits cellular reproduction by acting as an antagonist to folic acid; used to treat certain cancers and psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis
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5-flurouracil (5-FU) is a chemotherapeutic drug which comes under the category of antimetabolite agents or pyrimidine analogs, commonly used in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract carcinomas (CA), breast cancer, head and neck, cervical CA, etc.
With the identification of the beneficial effects of aminopterin antimetabolite, chemotherapeutic agents known as disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) were introduced to RA therapeutics in late 1980s.
While immunosuppressive agents generally are known to contribute to an increased risk of skin carcinogenesis, azathioprine--a purine antimetabolite immunosuppressant--is thought to add to this increase through its photosensitizing effects and the accumulation of mutagenic reactive oxygen species when exposed to UVA.
Surgical techniques include bare sclera excision, excision with simple conjunctival closure, excision with the administration of antimetabolite adjuvants, excision with conjunctival autograft and excision followed by amniotic membrane transplantation.
Another antimetabolite that has shown effective activity in ocular inflammation, is mycophenolate mofetil.
Subsequent to the diagnosis of PTLD, in all cases it was performed a reduction of immunosuppression (RI), which consisted of the suspension of the anticalcineurinic (7/7), antimetabolite (5/7) and change to mTOR inhibitor (sirolimus n= 4, everolimus n= 3).
Glaucoma filtration surgery in pregnant patients may be at relatively higher risk of failure because of young age, physiological changes during pregnancy, and contraindicated antimetabolite usage.
35,36) Mycophenolate mofetil, a better tolerated antimetabolite agent, inhibits purine synthesis and can be administered as an alternative treatment in patients who are resistant to methotrexate.
It is an antimetabolite anti-cancer drug that inhibits DNA synthesis and has indicated preclinical activity against tumours resistant to gemcitabine therapy, a common anti-cancer agent used in the treatment of lymphoma and advanced ovarian, metastatic breast, locally advanced and metastatic lung and pancreatic cancers.
Mitomycin (Mitosol) is an antimetabolite that is given topically to the surgical site of glaucoma filtration surgery No reports of its use in pregnant humans have been located.
Only a study conducted by Swaffar and co-workers has reported a potential combination of L-CAV and classical antimetabolite, 5-fluoruracil in human pancreatic cancer cells (Swaffar et al.
A cytotoxic antimetabolite is used today to prevent closure of the flap, however, the treatment is associated with significant side effects.