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 (ăn′tē-noiz′, ăn′tī-)
1. Designed to reduce environmental noise, as in a community: an antinoise ordinance.
2. Capable of neutralizing the sound of another noise.
A technique for neutralizing unwanted sound, in which a second sound wave, identical to but out of phase with the unwanted sound, is used to cancel the unwanted sound.


(General Engineering) sound generated so that it is out of phase with a noise, such as that made by an engine, in order to reduce the noise level by interference


(ˌæn tiˈnɔɪz, ˌæn taɪ-)

designed to reduce or ban excessively loud sound, as of jet engines or traffic: antinoise regulations.
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The rise comes despite the introduction of antinoise legislation in 2004.
The noise and antinoise signals combine to yield near silence.
In our workplace we would like to make antinoise panels based on crushed plastic boards of PCBs sticked by special adhesive mixture.
The protesters were supporters of the antinoise campaign group HACAN ClearSkies, which is mainly made up of locals opposed to further expansion of Heathrow.