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n. pl. an·tin·o·mies
1. Contradiction or opposition, especially between two laws or rules.
2. A contradiction between principles or conclusions that seem equally necessary and reasonable; a paradox.

[Latin antinomia, from Greek antinomiā : anti-, anti- + nomos, law; see nem- in Indo-European roots.]

an′ti·nom′ic (ăn′tĭ-nŏm′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -mies
1. opposition of one law, principle, or rule to another; contradiction within a law
2. (Philosophy) philosophy contradiction existing between two apparently indubitable propositions; paradox
[C16: from Latin antinomia, from Greek: conflict between laws, from anti- + nomos law]
antinomic adj
ˌantiˈnomically adv


(ænˈtɪn ə mi)

n., pl. -mies.
1. opposition between one law, principle, rule, etc., and another.
2. a contradiction between two statements, both apparently obtained by correct reasoning.
[1585–95; < Latin antinomia < Greek antinomía. See anti-, -nomy]
an`ti•nom′ic (-tɪˈnɒm ɪk) an`ti•nom′i•cal, adj.

antinomia, antinomy

a real or apparent contradiction in a statute. — antinomic, antinomian, adj.
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Noun1.antinomy - a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable
contradiction in terms, contradiction - (logic) a statement that is necessarily false; "the statement `he is brave and he is not brave' is a contradiction"


[ænˈtɪnəmɪ] Nantinomia f
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If everyone acknowledges the two sides of this apparent antinomy, and if scholars such as Abrams have convincingly anatomized it, then one may wonder that there should be anything more to say about them.
I submit it, therefore, with all deference to our theologians, whether they could not find it possible to allow, that as God is immanent and yet transcendent so we cannot see the whole truth, but only an aspect of the truth, until we have reconciled ourselves to the last final Antinomy, that God is both existent and non-existent?
Eng Aziz said part of some of the project like antinomy will come up in the area earmarked for second phase development.
The company also assayed raised levels of thorium, antinomy, silver, zinc, manganese and potassium.
In time, the antinomy changed: the Colorados became spokespersons of capital and of the finance and industrial sectors, while the other party spoke on behalf of agriculture.
These questions lead him to conclude that religion is based on the experience of the antinomy of God's transcendence and immanence that is best expressed in his sophiological interpretation of Christianity.
and exploiting Antinomy, Coal, Copper, Diamonds, Gold, Iron Ore, Oil
In their catalogue text, Aagesen and Kathrine Segel note that Matisse's practice of making two versions of a work--a sketch (esquisse) and a finished picture (tableau)--derived from academic tradition, but that the artist, like the Impressionists before him, extends and troubles this protocol, converting progression into antinomy.
A permit has been issued for 36,500 t/y of underground mining of antinomy, a metal which is used in semiconductor technology, as a fire retardant and as a metal hardener in many applications, including auto batteries.
For the first thirty year of Achebe's life, he was defined as "British-Protected" on his international passport, but this "protection" finds ballast and the antinomy in his experience of the ruse of colonialism as well as the ironies that come with it as he eventually experienced more about the world
But leaving that point aside, Kant did introduce an important new factor in the debate on space and time: his notion of antinomy.
That such a hermeneutic alternative, present in his texts, has found today a radicalization in Antonio Negri's works on the one side, and Giorgio Agamben's on the other, confirms that such an antinomy was present all along in Foucault's elaboration of biopolitics.