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 (ăn′tĭ-păs′tō, -än′tē-päs′-)
n. pl. an·ti·pas·tos or an·ti·pas·ti (-tē)
An appetizer usually consisting of an assortment of foods, such as smoked meats, cheese, fish, and vegetables.

[Italian : anti-, before (from Latin ante-; see ante-) + pasto, food (from Latin pāstus, past participle of pāscere, to feed; see pā- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˌæntɪˈpɑːstəʊ; -ˈpæs-)
n, pl -tos
(Cookery) a course of hors d'oeuvres in an Italian meal
[Italian: before food]


(ˌæn tɪˈpɑ stoʊ, -ˈpæs toʊ, ˌɑn tiˈpɑ-)

n., pl. -pas•tos, -pas•ti (-ˈpɑ sti, -ˈpæs ti)
an appetizer course in an Italian meal, often consisting of an assortment of foods, as olives, anchovies, and salami.
[1580–90; < Italian, =anti- (< Latin ante- ante-) + pasto food < Latin pāstus]
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Noun1.antipasto - a course of appetizers in an Italian mealantipasto - a course of appetizers in an Italian meal
appetiser, appetizer, starter - food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)


[ˈæntipæstəʊ] nantipasto m


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Serving an expansive menu of antipastos, soups, salads, fresh pasta dishes and pizzas, as well as its ample variety of exceptional fish, poultry, veal and beef entrees.