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1. A devotional composition sung responsively as part of a liturgy.
a. A short liturgical text chanted or sung responsively preceding or following a psalm, psalm verse, or canticle.
b. Such a text formerly used as a response but now rendered independently.
3. A response; a reply: "It would be truer ... to see [conservation] as an antiphon to the modernization of the 1950s and 1960s" (Raphael Samuel).

[Late Latin antiphōna, sung responses; see anthem.]


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a short passage, usually from the Bible, recited or sung as a response after certain parts of a liturgical service
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a psalm, hymn, etc, chanted or sung in alternate parts
3. any response or answer
[C15: from Late Latin antiphōna sung responses, from Late Greek, plural of antiphōnon (something) responsive, from antiphōnos, from anti- + phōnē sound]


(ˈæn təˌfɒn)

1. a verse, prayer, or song to be chanted or sung in response.
2. a text recited or sung before or after some part of the liturgical service.
[1490–1500; < Medieval Latin antiphōna responsive singing < Greek, neuter pl. of antíphōnos sounding in answer]
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Noun1.antiphon - a verse or song to be chanted or sung in responseantiphon - a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response
church music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies
gradual - (Roman Catholic Church) an antiphon (usually from the Book of Psalms) immediately after the epistle at Mass


[ˈæntɪfən] Nantífona f


[ˈæntɪfən] n (Rel) → antifona
References in classic literature ?
Then again there is Lysanias of Sphettus, who is the father of Aeschines--he is present; and also there is Antiphon of Cephisus, who is the father of Epigenes; and there are the brothers of several who have associated with me.
Angelo; the antiphon Regina Coeli which the Catholic church sings
She also notes the same text being used as an antiphon and elsewhere as the Introit when both parts of the liturgical calendar are relevant.
In the first movement, in the style of liturgical music, there was "an antiphon moment", implanting the idea of the river - or a river god - speaking.
Howells' thornier side can be heard in the powerful motet Antiphon.
Helmet 2) Helmet Safety 3) Protective Helmet Forest Type 4) Boneta 5) Glasses 6) Semi-Mask Simple 7) Costume Overalls and Coveralls 8) Coat 9) Wadded Jacket and Trousers (Suit) 10) Suba Short 11) Warning Vests 12) Protective Gloves and Mittens Mechanical Risks 13) Protective Gloves Against Cold 14) Latex Gloves 15) Abdominal Belt 16) Covers 17) Safety Boots 18) Steel Toecap Boots 19) Protective Boots Water Mud 20) Steel Toecap Boots 21) Paslari 22) Hat 23) Helmets Antiphon Lot 2 - E.
Each psalm (and canticle) concludes with a doxology (Gloria Patri) and is preceded and followed by an antiphon.
American folk-rock band Midlake will be making their Playhouse debut on Thursday, July 10, as part of their European tour to celebrate the release of their new album Antiphon.
Album of the Week MIDLAKE - ANTIPHON THE loss of a frontman could spell disaster for a band, but tuneful Texans Midlake prove they can still cut it with their latest album Antiphon.
But sometimes change can be a good thing - with their new album Antiphon remaining members Eric Pulido, McKenzie Smith, Eric Nichelson, Evan Jacobs and Paul Alexander were forced to start from scratch.
Each of the sonnets in this section picks up on the central idea in the relevant Antiphon, extending and embellishing the original.
The choir, conducted by Thom Meredith, won the male voice class singing Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (Rutter) and Antiphon (Vaughan Williams).