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1. Relating to or resembling an antiphon.
2. Answering responsively, as in antiphony.
3. Occurring or responding in turns; alternating: "a couple of comedians ... perfecting their antiphonal patter" (P.D. James).
An antiphonary.

an·tiph′o·nal·ly adv.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) sung or recited in alternation
(Ecclesiastical Terms) another word for antiphonary
anˈtiphonally adv


(ænˈtɪf ə nl)

1. pertaining to antiphons or antiphony; responsive.
2. an antiphonary.
an•tiph′o•nal•ly, adv.


a collection of antiphons, hymns, or psalms sung in alternating parts.
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Noun1.antiphonal - bound collection of antiphons
church music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies
Adj.1.antiphonal - containing or using responses; alternating; "responsive reading"; "antiphonal laughter"
2.antiphonal - relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony
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10) In the library were copies of first folios of Shakespeare's plays, many ancient Hebrew scrolls, and a collection of sixteenth-century antiphonals, huge volumes with beautifully illuminated lettering large enough so that the whole congregation could read together.
These manuscripts of probable Spanish use and probably originating from Spain consist of a book of fragments dating from the fifteenth century and earlier; five books of sixteenth-century material for the Mass and Office, one containing a thirteenth-century bifolium as part of its binding; and two eighteenth-century monastic antiphonals.
We also have a good number of liturgical manuscripts, for example the set of large-format graduals and antiphonals Cod.