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 (ăn′tē-plāt′lĭt, ăn′tī-)
Acting against or destroying blood platelets.
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Others are likely to be discovered, and some of these non-hemostatic platelet functions can be attenuated with antiplatelet drugs, expanding the applications of these drugs to non-traditional uses.
The results from the above study thus reflect a need for more specific antiplatelet treatment regimens especially in diabetic subjects, which may include more potent agents or a combination with other antiplatelet drugs.
The study published online today in the American Journal of Medicine provides the most up-to-date picture of European cardiologists' prescribing of antithrombotic treatment, which includes oral anticoagulation therapy (warfarin and the novel oral anticoagulants) and antiplatelet drugs (mainly aspirin).
Paauw said, and was responsible for nearly three times the number of hospitalizations for drug interactions as any of the runner-ups--insulin, oral antiplatelet drugs, or oral hypoglycemics (N.
The Swedish version, Coagulation News, has been around for many years, but for the English translation, the chapter on new anticoagulants has been heavily revised, a new chapter added on antiplatelet drugs, and other changes made.
Among the 6609 patients taking antiplatelet drugs at baseline, B vitamins had no significant effect on the incidence of the primary outcome (15% vs.
Therapeutic measures including anticoagulation and antiplatelet drugs have "revolutionized" the approach to acute coronary syndrome and improved clinical outcomes.
Also, we were first in the state of Arkansas to have access to some of the newest stents, cath lab devices, antiplatelet drugs, and endografts.
This review included advice for patients with TAVI who present for non-cardiac surgery, stating that antiplatelet drugs could be stopped and that full heparinisation was not needed in such cases.
In patients with an established indication for long-term antiplatelet treatment, such as in secondary prevention of vascular disease, this additional benefit will favor treatment with aspirin over other antiplatelet drugs, assuming that other drugs do not afford similar benefit," they wrote.
In recent years, a number of studies have suggested that the ACE-inhibitor ramipril and different statins, together with antiplatelet drugs, reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in PAD.
Widespread use of antiplatelet therapy in cardiovascular medicine and evidence suggesting a clinically relevant drug resistance have created a demand for simple assays to determine the pharmacologic effects of antiplatelet drugs.