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 (ăn′tē-pə-lo͞o′shən, ăn′tī-)
Intended to counteract or eliminate environmental pollution: antipollution filters; antipollution laws.

an′ti·pol·lu′tion·ist n.


1. (Environmental Science) (of measures, policies, etc) designed to combat pollution and its causes
2. (Environmental Science) opposed to pollution and its causes: antipollution banners.


(ˌæn ti pəˈlu ʃən, ˌæn taɪ-)

designed to prevent or reduce pollution.
an`ti•pol•lu′tion•ist, n.
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Adj.1.antipollution - intended to reduce pollutionantipollution - intended to reduce pollution; "antipollution laws"; "antipollution devices on automobile exhaust systems"
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Welders help install and maintain boilers, antipollution systems and other large structures, as well as piping for industrial, commercial and residential facilities.
Ce dernier a pour objectif la modernisation et la renovation des equipements antipollution en vue de proteger l'environnement et la sante des citoyens de cette region et des salaries.
A statement said: "The Montupet Group supplies only Audi-brand V6 cylinder heads to the Volkswagen Group which are not concerned by the antipollution standards which apply to in-line 4 engines to Montupet's knowledge.
Joseph DiGangi, a science advisor for the antipollution network J PEN.
Because their performance is rated by those above according to how well they promote economic growth and maintain social stability in their localities, officials exempt factories from antipollution regulations and suppress victims' protests.
Under this project the stream flowing through the Rose and Jasmine Garden will be planted with the plants having antipollution capabilities which will also defuse the melodiousness.
Because of increased antipollution standards and other cheaper and cleaner sources of fuel (natural gas, solar, wind), demand for coal in United States is decreasing, but Gooden foresees a continuing need for railroads to transport coal to export markets.
The PakEPA, an attached department of Climate Change Division is engaged in regular monitoring of industrial units located in Islamabad and forced all steel mills to install antipollution control devices.
Manufacturers are promoting the antipollution benefits of some existing ingredients such as grapeseed oil, buckthorn oil, co-enzyme Q-10, green tea, coffee berry and idebenone.
Tenders are invited for Aforestation & Maintenance Of Trees In Dsp Township Areas Under Antipollution Scheme 2014-15.
As a reaction to the defeats in the local elections, the LDP decided to put a particular emphasis on antipollution and environmental protection measures in its 1971 manifesto (Yomiuri Shimbun 1971a, 1971b, 1971c).
In order to protect himself from these suits, or even from possible injunctions, the road owner would then have the economic incentive to issue antipollution regulations for all cars that wish to ride on his road.