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tr.v. an·ti·quat·ed, an·ti·quat·ing, an·ti·quates
1. To make obsolete or old-fashioned.
2. To antique.

[Late Latin antīquāre, antīquāt-, to make old, from Latin, to leave in an old state, from antīquus, old; see antique.]

an′ti·qua′tion n.


1. the process of becoming antiquated
2. the state of being antiquated


the process of making antiquated or the condition of being antiquated.
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One of the issues that I think is not completely resolved and is going to be an issue for the next president is the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and its increasing antiquation.
In so doing, both parties stymie the process of Hindu religiosity's adaptations to "multiple modernities" (Appadurai 1996, Eisenstadt 2000, Tambiah 2000), which ultimately results in the antiquation and fixity of our understanding of what it means to be Hindu.
Employers are worried that candidates who have been out work for extended periods may have suffered from antiquation of their skills, which is a red flag when they are searching for such specificity of skills," added Joerres.