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n. often antitrades
The westerly winds above the surface trade winds of the tropics, which become the prevailing westerly winds of the middle latitudes.


pl n
(Physical Geography) (usually plural) a wind in the upper atmosphere blowing in the opposite direction from and above the trade winds


(ˈæn tɪˌtreɪd)

1. antitrades, westerly winds lying above the trade winds in the tropics.
2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of such a wind.
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Noun1.antitrade - winds blowing from west to east and lying above the trade winds in the tropicsantitrade - winds blowing from west to east and lying above the trade winds in the tropics
prevailing wind - the predominant wind direction; "the prevailing wind is from the southwest"
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After an extensive survey of the role of antitrade warfare--guerre de course--in modern times, he develops and assesses systematically the arguments both for and against the likely utility or threat of such warfare today.
explaining that despite the multilateral trade efforts of the World Economic Conference in 1933, countries still clung to their "inward-looking antitrade economic policies").
com/news/united-stales/21695855-americaseconomy-benefits-hugely-trade-its-costs-have-been-amplified-policy; Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, The Questionable Rationale behind Washington's Antitrade Rhetoric, Peterson Inst.
Many other political observers have drawn a line between Brexit and the antitrade and anti-immigrant sentiments now roiling the U.
This is an important point in recent economic history because of the outcome of various elections in very important countries that have reflected an antitrade, anti-openness feeling,' he said.
The election of Donald Trump is sending shock waves across the shipping industry, which fears the antitrade rhetoric that took center stage during the campaign will further hurt ship operators as they try to deal with the worst down-cycle in 30 years.
When I travel through Europe today I tend to get asked, "When did Americans become so antitrade and anti-immigration?
Hillary Clinton takes a more tempered approach, but she's jumped on the antitrade bandwagon by intensifying her opposition to the TPP.
It was New Labour, after all, under Tony Blair who introduced tuition fees, failed to build sufficient council houses, continued the deregulation of private rented housing letting private landlords charge excessive rents, did not reverse the privatisation of public services started by Margaret Thatcher's government and retained most of the Conservative antitrade union laws.
Hugh Kerr, who was elected as a Labour MEP in 1994, said: "The Sun is a vile, racist, reactionary, sexist and antitrade union newspaper and is the flagship of the Murdoch empire in Scotland and the UK.
GMB chief Paul Kenny raged: "This is just the same old Tories who are antitrade union and anti-working people having a voice.
Menkes believes El Nino conditions fell flat this year because wind gusts called antitrade winds stopped blowing in April.