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A word having a meaning opposite to that of another word: The word "wet" is an antonym of the word "dry."

an′to·nym′ic adj.
an·ton′y·mous (ăn-tŏn′ə-məs) adj.
an·ton′y·my n.
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Adj.1.antonymous - of words: having opposite meanings
synonymous - (of words) meaning the same or nearly the same


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Finally, we used a 6-point semantic differential scale to assess advertising credibility (AC), comprising nine pairs of antonymous adjectives: reliable/unreliable, informative/uninformative, intelligent/unintelligent, valuable/ worthless, expert/inexpert, honest/dishonest, friendly/unfriendly, pleasant/ unpleasant, and nice/awful (Yang, 2015).
Second, related to context, is the ambiguity of online vitriol, which defies a simple antonymous conception of hate speech versus acceptable speech.
For unlike abstract dichotomies such as good and evil, political ones are nowhere near as antonymous as illustrated by the two sides of the same coin, or as alike in nature as Communism and Fascism in pre-World War II Europe.
The components of an MWE cannot be freely substituted by their synonymous or antonymous counterparts, e.
Speaker Sadar Ayaz Sadiq held meeting with the speaker of Iran, Kuwait, and Somalia along with the parliamentarians from Egypt, Palestine and Afghanistan and Kurd antonymous region.
Haraway's position on gender rests solidly on the refusal of antonymous categories (female/male, nature/culture mind/body) and defines identity in contemporary culture through the postulation of the cyborg, a corporeal form linking the biological with the technological.
16] In terms of landscape preferences, it is important to realize that people are unlikely to be a homogeneous group, but rather a group of individuals with different, and often antonymous landscape preferences for landscape protection.
N + N [right arrow] N compounding: These types of compounds exist in three forms, N+N with antonymous formatives; N+N with synonymous formatives and adjunctions.
Soft power represents a concept perhaps antonymous in meaning to hard power and hinges on a state's capacity to find subtle and nonviolent means--particularly through cultural influence--to promote its national interest within the international arena in ways that concurrently reflect the interests of others.
One example of a constructional frame is the Transitional antonymy frame, from X to Y, which has the function of expressing movement or change from one antonymous state to another, e.
The problem, as her antonymous confession reveals, is that both his and the parents' homes are only physically located on the American map; their true continent is the "slued.
In studies of social psychology it is claimed that the term "reality" has three antonymous concepts: "ideal v.