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n. pl. an·tra (-trə)
1. A cavity or chamber, especially one in a bone.
2. Either of the sinuses in the bones of the upper jaw, opening into the nasal cavity.

[Late Latin, cavity in the body, from Latin, cave, from Greek antron.]

an′tral adj.
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High repeatability of maximum numbers of antral follicles = 3mm in diameter in different follicular waves of same estrous cycle and different estrous cycle was observed in Nili-Ravi buffalo heifers in the present study.
In particular, we found that the number of caspase-3-positive apoptotic cells was significantly increased in granulosa cells of the antral follicles and in luteal cells of the corpus luteum of ovaries from rats exposed to BPA, suggesting that long-term BPA exposure during adulthood causes augmentation of follicular atresia and luteal regression in the ovary.
Results related to oocyte diameter, antral follicles, corpus luteum and the germinal epithelium Average oocyte diameter decreased significantly in diabetic rats as compared to diabetic + extract of Artemisia 300mg/kg show.
Proton pump inhibitor treatment itselfincreases the secretion ofgastrin from normal antral G cells.
Three biopsy samples were taken from the stomach: antral mucosa, mucosa of the corpus and a sample from a submucosal lesion of the antrum that on the endoscopic examination gave the impression of adipose tissue.
The preantral follicles were counted in every 30th mounted section, and the antral follicles, in every 40th section.
A member of the transforming growth factor-[beta] family, AMH is closely related to inhibin and activin and is secreted by granulosa cells of preantral and small antral follicles in post-pubertal females.
During the 4 years of study period, a total of 186 patients showed a positive campylobacter like organism test performed on antral biopsy collected during endoscopy.
The ovary of the initial control exhibited normal histomorphology and consisted of primordial (type 2), primary (type 3a, 3b), pre-antral (type 4, 5a, 5b) and antral (type 6) follicles whereas, antral (type 7) and pre-ovulatory (type 8) follicles were not developed.
The functions of an orbital implant are--to seal off the antral cavity from the orbit, to provide a physiologically acceptable and physically inert smooth surface, which will not form adhesions to restore the contour and dimensions of the orbit and to provide some indirect support for the globe.
Ovaries were used for the isolation of preantral, early antral follicles and collection of oocytes from visible antral follicles.
He received high-dose intravenous antibiotics in intensive care after bilateral ethmoidectomies and antral washings.