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adj. Biology
Directed forward and upward, as the hairs on certain plant stems.

[New Latin antrōrsum, from Latin anterior, before (perhaps after intrōrsum, inwards, from interior, inside); see anterior.]

an′trorse′ly adv.


(Biology) biology directed or pointing upwards or forwards
[C19: from New Latin antrorsus, from antero- front + -orsus, as in Latin introrsus; see introrse]
anˈtrorsely adv



Biol. bent in a forward or upward direction.
[1855–60; < New Latin antrorsus=antr-, as presumed base of Latin anterior anterior + -orsus, < Latin intrōrsus introrse]
an•trorse′ly, adv.
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Adj.1.antrorse - bent or curved forward or upward; "a plant having antrorse hairs on the stem"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
retrorse - bent or curved backward or downward; "leaves with retrorse barbs"
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ficinioides (Kunth) Muasya and with scattered antrorse barbs in D.
Preopercle without antrorse spines on horizontal limb; horizontal limb with one to a few serrae or with irregular border; vertical limb with numerous small serrae; region of angle with larger serrae, or with roughened border.
Leaves numerous per rosette, 5dm long, narrowly triangular, densely covered with scales beneath, becoming glabrous above, margin serrate with slender antrorse red spines, to 7mm long and slightly curved; sheaths 6cm wide, 3cm tall, lustrous castaneous beneath.
Segments of the bracts linear-lanceolate to linear, slightly mucronate; secondary ridges of the mericarp with thick, antrorse or patent spines .
5 cm wide, curved, light green, densely lepidote on both surfaces, providing the entire plant with a white hue, apex pungent, margins strongly spinose, spines 5-6 mm long, 1-2 cm apart, uncinate, light brown, mostly antrorse, those of the lower half portion of the blade with a tuff of hairs in the axils.
Leaves are narrowly triangular, succulent, attenuate and long acuminate, green above, glaucous below, size and color may vary according with light conditions, leaf blades usually exceed 100 cm and about 5-6 cm wide at base, with serrate margins, the teeth being antrorse, 3-5 mm long, green or red tinged when exposed to strong sunlight.