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About the Barricaid Prosthesis For patients who present with primary disc herniation with large anular defects, the Barricaid device is engineered to close the hole in the anulus in order to prevent future leaks and to re-establish pressure within the disc.
approximately 70%-90% water) exerts pressure in all directions on the surrounding rings of the anulus fibrosus through a process known as radial expansion [13,14].
Doppler ekokardiyografide mitral dolus orneklerinde restriktif tipte diyastolik disfonksiyon saptandi, doku Doppler incelemede mitral lateral anulus hizinda anlamli azalma saptandi.
The meatal skin flap was elevated and the posterior portion of the anulus tympanicus was exposed.
6) (Even in reasoning) a chain is no stronger than its weakest link: Non fortiter catena quam anulus debilissimus.
anulus salamonis pentagulum salomonis sigillum salamonis necnon et sigilla apollinis [MS appolonii] et sibille et omnia consimilia sunt suspecta et discredenda
An example of three successful emerging companies in both the Cardiology and Orthopedic spaces that currently benefit from HealthLink's European back office services are STENTYS, whose technology consists of a unique, self-expanding stent platform that has been designed and tested to address the challenges of treating coronary arteries, INTRINSIC THERAPEUTICS, dedicated to providing products that enable direct reconstruction of weakened or ruptured anulus and CERAPEDICS that is focused on developing and commercializing novel osteobiologic products.