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 (ə-no͝or′ē-ə, ə-nyo͝or′-)
The absence of urine formation. Also called anuresis.

a·nu′ric (ə-no͝or′ĭk, ə-nyo͝or′-) adj.


having anuria
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Adj.1.anuric - of or relating to an inability to urinateanuric - of or relating to an inability to urinate
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Only one patient (five per cent) in the furosemide group developed anuria after one year on PD, whereas nine patients (22%) in the control group became anuric (p = 0.
By hospital day 8, the patient had Pseudomonas pneumonia and anuric renal failure and required dopamine infusion for hemodynamic support.
During hospital stay, polyuria (>3 L/day) was present in only three patients (20%), and no patient became anuric (<500 mL/day).
Her pain medications were adjusted for her severity of pain as well as for her progressive anuric renal failure.
In DCM patients, GFR was estimated according to kidney/Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative recommendations using the simplified Modification of Diet in Renal Disease equation (18) not applicable to anuric HD patients.
The patient had acute anuric renal failure on the fourth day of colistin therapy (hospital day 50, see Figure), at which point colistin was discontinued.
The child was hospitalized with a presumptive diagnosis of HUS and anuric renal failure.
Additionally, up to 60 percent of anuric patients who began the trial remained on APD throughout the two-year study, which is significant because PD therapy is not generally considered an option for anuric patients.
On admission to the hospital she was anuric and her hematocrit was 33%; her white blood cell count was 2600/[micro]L with 63% neutrophils; platelet count, 47,000/[micro]L; creatinine level, 6.
He remained anuric, continued to require high doses of vasopressors and inotropes to achieve a MAP of 65 mmHg.
Such monitoring could be particularly beneficial in the management of AIP patients with renal failure, particularly if they are in an anuric state.