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ap- 1

Variant of ad-..

ap- 2

Variant of apo-.


a variant of apo-: aphelion.


1. adjective phrase.
2. Trademark. Advanced Placement (Program).
3. Air Police.
4. American plan.
5. antipersonnel.
6. Associated Press.
7. author's proof.


var. of ad- before p: appear.


var. of apo- before a vowel or h: aphelion.


1. Apostle.
2. Apothecaries'.
3. April.


or a/p,

1. account paid.
2. accounts payable.
References in classic literature ?
Each as he ap- peared snatched up one of the truths and some who were quite strong snatched up a dozen of them.
He looked pleased; pleased, and touched with ap- prehension at the same time.
I reminded the audience of the peril which surrounded this self- emancipated young man at the North,--even in Mas- sachusetts, on the soil of the Pilgrim Fathers, among the descendants of revolutionary sires; and I ap- pealed to them, whether they would ever allow him to be carried back into slavery,--law or no law, con- stitution or no constitution.
One of its gripping limbs curled amid the debris; another limb ap- peared, feeling its way over the fallen beams.
They jeered the piratical private, and called attention to various defects in his personal ap- pearance; and they were wildly enthusiastic in support of the young girl.