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 (ăp′līt′) also hap·lite (hăp′līt′)
A fine-grained, light-colored granitic rock consisting primarily of orthoclase and quartz.

[German Aplit, from Greek haplous, single; see haploid.]

ap·lit′ic (ă-plĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.aplitic - of or related to aplite
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The rocks of the Lovelock Mine area include sedimentary and volcanic rocks cut by a larger mass of diorite and by aplitic dikes, all of which are now highly altered.
1), indicate that the megacrystic granite intrudes and truncates quartz veins and aplitic dykelets within the John Lee Brook Granite (Fig.
13750 was fine-grained aplitic granite with altered feldspars and directionless structure.
The two summits of the hill defined by the Logrosan granite (the San Cristobal hill) are composed of a microporphyritic (two-texture) granite and an aplitic granite (Evolved Units) (Fig.
The Parashi Stock is an intrusive body of quartzdioritic to granodioritic composition with aplitic and dacitic associated dikes.
The hypersthene diabase grades upward into diabase with variable texture and grain size, and is locally aplitic, granophyric or pegmatitic.
The area around Conselheiro Lafaiete is part of the highly folded Barbacena Greenstone Belt, which has been intruded by a series of granodiorites and aplitic to pegmatitic dikes (Pires, 1977), and is host to a number of significant manganese deposits (Derby, 1901; Pires, 1977, 1983; Pires and Cabral, 2001).
The stocks of the porphyritic K-granites in the Estonian mainland show up as small gravity and magnetic minima (Ereda, Neeme, Naissaare, Taebla, and Kloostri stocks) and comprise pink, medium- to coarse-grained, microcline-megacrystic, partly trachytoid biotite (in Marjamaa and Naissaare also biotitehornblende) syeno- and monzogranitic rock, locally cut by aplitic and microsyenitic dykes (Kuuspalu 1975; Kirs 1986; Soesoo & Niin 1992).
The sulphide is contained in irregular bodies of skarn, developed in marble and calcareous sediments near their contact with a porphyritic, aplitic intrusive.