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This fall in respiratory rate is due to the combined apnoeic effect of fentanyl and propofol as shown by Gill SS et al.
Effects of nasal continuous positive airway pressure treatment on insulin resistance and ghrelin levels in non-diabetic apnoeic patients with coronary heart disease.
Babies with BW [greater than or equal to]900 g who showed signs of respiratory failure on NCPAP or who became apnoeic were offered IPPV.
She said: "The 201 trek team is participating in several studies but our primary focus is apnoeic training and physiological adaptations to altitude.
These infants' needs are much more complex, with many having significant feed intolerance, high respiratory support needs requiring regular blood transfusions, and experiencing apnoeic episodes.
The days following general anaesthesia are characterised by disturbances in the rapid eye movement (REM) phases of sleep (Dette et al 2013, Rosenberg et al 1994; Knill et al 1990), resulting in longer apnoeic episodes and more frequent oxyhaemoglobin desaturation (Findley et al 1985).
On the other hand, sedation-assisted intubation avoids a paralysed, apnoeic patient should the practitioner fail to secure the airway.
The next day, the patient became apnoeic and hypoxic, requiring emergency endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.
If the patients became apnoeic, or the end-tidal carbon dioxide partial pressure increased over 45 mmHg (6.
Apnoeic sleep is a cause of hypertension and its complications.
Human face-only immersion in cold water reduces maximal apnoeic times and stimulates ventilation.
These drugs cause respiratory depression, inhibit airway muscle activity and depress pharyngeal tone, increasing the risk of apnoeic events.