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 (ə-pŏk′ə-lĭp′tĭk) also a·poc·a·lyp·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
1. Relating to or predicting the end of the world, especially as described in the Bible or another religious text.
2. Relating to or predicting widespread destruction or the collapse of civilization: "The refugees in the camps spoke of apocalyptic devastation and tens of thousands dead" (Amitav Ghosh).
3. Characterized by predictions of or allusions to a disastrous outcome: spoke of the impending economic crisis in apocalyptic terms.

a·poc′a·lyp′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Smoke-filled skies and three-story high burning heaps of slash loomed apocalyptically where people had bulldozed and set aflame miles of the windbreak treelines that their ancestors planted after the Great Depression.
It could be that Iranian leaders are as apocalyptically motivated, paranoid and dogmatically anti-American as their pronouncements suggest they are.
Soon, a third female grotesque appears: the grandmother, a phantom conjured by sips of Jim Beam as the stars fall apocalyptically.
If anything, Maurice's retort, in which his thoughts turn anxiously and apocalyptically to the end of the human race altogether ("Yes, but if everyone--"), suffers a blow of credibility through its association--minus the rhetorical tics--with the claptrap of Dr.
From the apocalyptically serious to the comedic this collection shows of the diverse subjects that interest this talented sci-fi author.
As the apocalyptically bad weather continues to cause havoc (Aberystwyth - how are you coping over there?
These lines seem to anticipate the rise of a black subject with more power and agency in the Western world without viewing the possibility apocalyptically.
Thinking apocalyptically, without that work and witness, our human world might already have destroyed itself.
It was just such a base conception of civilization that Morris had in mind when he argued apocalyptically that for art and human decency to survive civilization would have to be destroyed.
Intellectually, gold is seen as valuable if the modern system fails or, less apocalyptically, as an asset that should keep pace with inflation.
On the other side are those whose language turns apocalyptically purple at the slightest agitation, the partisans who speak only in absolutes and whose worldview requires enemies in every corner.
Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes talks apocalyptically about the end of local government as we know it - and that doesn't seem like political hyperbole.