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A plant that reproduces or is reproduced by apomixis.

[Back-formation from apomictic, produced by apomixis : apo- + Greek miktos, mixed (from meignunai, mig-, to mix; see apomixis).]

ap′o·mic′tic adj.
ap′o·mic′tic·al·ly adv.


(Biology) an organism, esp a plant, produced by apomixis


(ˈæp ə mɪkt)

an organism produced by apomixis.
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Noun1.apomict - a plant that reproduces or is reproduced by apomixisapomict - a plant that reproduces or is reproduced by apomixis
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
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Another, Nothoscordum inodorum, 2n = 19 (13 M + 6 T), which provides evidence for the homology of metacentric arms with t chromosomes, is an apomict once considered a diploid (Levan & Emsweller, 1938); it probably combines three 3 M + 2 t genomes with one of 4 M (Nunez et al, 1974).
fraxinellum are inferred previously as apomicts based on their chromosome number and the number of spores per sporangium.