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Thus apostrophised, brother Ned, who had entered with Mrs Nickleby, and who had been before unobserved by the young men, darted forward, and fairly hugged brother Charles in his arms.
The speaker, with a whimsical good humour upon him all the time, looked over the parapet-wall with the greatest disparagement of Marseilles; and taking up a determined position by putting his hands in his pockets and rattling his money at it, apostrophised it with a short laugh.
Composers, punk bands, master organ builders, eighteenth-century women singers, the iconography of Irish music and musicians, a jazz virtuoso, the history of a Dublin brass band--little of this subscribes to the narrow reception history of music in Ireland apostrophised by "Riverdance, The Chieftains and U2".
He was seemingly oblivious of tensions in his essay on 'Old Books', where the book he apostrophised is, indistinguishably, precious to him as a luxury item owned by royalty and as a transmitter of the Word of God.
Personified and apostrophised Humanity' in sentence initial position due to inversion stands out as the figure' against the ground'.