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Intended to ward off evil: an apotropaic symbol.

[From Greek apotropaios, from apotrepein, to ward off : apo-, apo- + trepein, to turn; see trep- in Indo-European roots.]

ap′o·tro·pa′i·cal·ly adv.


in an apotropaic manner
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It does so by dint of the sheer nerve with which that anxiety is apotropaically invoked--not so much whistling past the graveyard as striking up a whole brass band against death.
That loss is being perpetually generated--manifest in the images of what has come and gone on the tides, reaching as far back as '[w]hen the word alone was, and the waters'--seems to indict the inexorable order of nature as a deleterious influence to be apotropaically shunned.
Wolosky (1998:262) points out that Judaism, as it developed historically, transformed, adapted, and polemically and apotropaically held off Aristotelian, Platonic, Neoplatonic and Gnostic trends, both internally and from the Greco-Hellenistic world.