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 (ăp′ə-răt′, ä′pə-rät′)

[Russian, the government organization or staff, from German Apparat, a political organization, from Latin apparātus, preparation; see apparatus.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the Communist Party organization in the former Soviet Union and other states
[Russian, literally: apparatus]


(ˌæp əˈræt, ˌɑ pəˈrɑt)

an organization or existing power structure, esp. a political one: the party apparat.
[1940–45; < Russian, orig. scientific apparatus < German < Latin apparātus. See apparatus]
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He hasn't burdened us with an apparat of death research, paradigms, phases, and claptrap.
Wenn die Ubersetzung von der lateinischen Bibel abweicht, wird im textkritischen Apparat der Vulgata-Text zitiert.
Thousands of fans from around the globe are expected to crowd the happening nightspots and galleries of the city to hear Icelandic artists such as Mum, Minus, Jaguar, Apparat, Egill Saebjornsson, Maus, Silt and Ensimi, in addition to the popular Siggurros, Emiliana Torrini, Svala, and Quarashi.
Fanfare, matelots en apparat et navires de guerre qui paradent tout fanion dehors sur les eaux grises de l'estuaire de Khor Abdallah:
Die Briefwiedergabe folgt den Autographen, und der textkritische Apparat ist vorzuglich.
The Bush war apparat placed its big gamble on a strategy of convincing the American public and world opinion that Saddam Hussein possessed a huge arsenal of WMDs and that there was an imminent danger that he would use them against the U.
The second track was even more forward looking and involved the apprenticing of a new generation of conservative lawyer-intellectuals-under-30 to the Reagan apparat.
His idolization of the president remained but it was bracketed by FDR's failings not the least of which was the New Deal creation of a federal apparat.
26) It must be remembered that Chechnya was the only republic of the CIS to experience a genuine revolution and the only republic in which the communist structures and apparat were removed, preventing Moscow "from finding channels of influence through old party networks.
The week of the Airwaves Festival Kjartansson's cherubic face was inescapable: drunk and singing the blues at the Funerals gig; bare-chested and shimmying like a stripper with his other band, Trabant; impersonating a Russian diplomat in a powder-blue tux with silver bow tie at Apparat Organ Quartet's mock press conference.
Did he hope that by withdrawing from over-extended positions in Afghanistan, Africa, Nicaragua, and Eastern Europe, he could win time - perhaps even some Western economic support - to consolidate the hold of a rejuvenated Communist apparat on the USSR?
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