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intr.v. ap·peared, ap·pear·ing, ap·pears
a. To become visible: a plane appearing in the sky.
b. To be shown or included: That logo appears on all their sports equipment.
2. To come into existence: New strains of viruses appear periodically.
3. To give the impression of being in a certain way; seem: The child appeared unhappy.
4. To be likely or evident: It appears that they will be late.
5. To come or perform before the public: has appeared in two plays.
6. Law To present oneself formally before a court as defendant, plaintiff, or counsel.
7. To be published or made available to the public: The novel first appeared in installments in a magazine.

[Middle English aperen, from Old French aparoir, aper-, from Latin appārēre : ad-, ad- + pārēre, to show.]
Synonyms: appear, emerge, issue, loom1, materialize, show
These verbs mean to come into view. Appear and show are the most general: A ship appeared on the horizon. Her shirtsleeve shows at the edge of her jacket.
Emerge indicates appearing after having been obscured from view by something: "Baby sea turtles emerged from the sand to scramble to the sea" (Julia Whitty).
Issue emphasizes the point of origin of whatever is appearing: "Here and there smoke issued from chimneys" (Jeffrey Tayler).
To loom is to come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image, and often that which looms is considered threatening in some way: As the hikers near the mountain's summit, storm clouds loom over the horizon.
Materialize means to appear suddenly and sometimes mysteriously, as if out of nowhere: "The field ... had been empty the day before when he walked around the city. The circus has simply materialized" (Erin Morgenstern).
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Noun1.appearing - formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an actionappearing - formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action
attendance, attending - the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
References in classic literature ?
Higher up, in the utter clarity of the western slope, the evening star hung like a lamp suspended by silver chains--like the lamp engraved upon the title-page of old Latin texts, which is always appearing in new heavens, and waking new desires in men.
No exclamation of surprise escaped the father, nor was any question asked, or reply given, for several minutes; each appearing to await the moment when he might speak, without betraying womanish curiosity or childish impatience.
Only these actors were appearing in their proper persons in real dramas of a life he did not know, but which appealed to something that had been long untouched, long in disuse.
I was exceedingly familiar and friendly with them, always appearing as chearful and satisfied as possible, and they put great confidence in me.
Without appearing to differ, in any tangible way, from other people's clothes, there was yet a wide and rich gravity about them that must have been a characteristic of the wearer, since it could not be defined as pertaining either to the cut or material.
I quite agree--in regard to Griffin's ghost, or whatever it was-- that its appearing first to the little boy, at so tender an age, adds a particular touch.
A peculiar walk in this old man, a certain slight but painful appearing yawing in his gait, had at an early period of the voyage excited the curiosity of the mariners.
It was quite like the feat of a prestidigitator--for the woman worked so fast that the eye could literally not follow her, and there was only a mist of motion, and tangle after tangle of sausages appearing.
Wilson, a good-natured but extremely fidgety and cautious old gentleman, ambled up and down the room, appearing, as John Bunyan hath it, "much tumbled up and down in his mind," and divided between his wish to help George, and a certain confused notion of maintaining law and order: so, as he shambled about, he delivered himself as follows:
If a man is thought-free, fancy-free, imagination-free, that which is not never for a long time appearing to be to him, unwise rulers or reformers cannot fatally interrupt him.
Ten hours after Sir George's departure toward the summit, this new relief were still scanning the snowy altitudes above them from their own high perch among the ice deserts ten thousand feet above the level of the sea, but the whole forenoon had passed without a glimpse of any living thing appearing up there.
Elton's civilities were dreadfully illtimed; but she had the comfort of appearing very polite, while feeling very crossand of thinking that the rest of the visit could not possibly pass without bringing forward the same information again, or the substance of it, from the openhearted Mr.