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n. Sports
A quick stamp of the foot used in fencing as a feint to produce an opening.

[French, from appeler, to call, from Old French apeler, to appeal; see appeal.]


(əˈpɛl; French apɛl)
1. (Fencing) a stamp of the foot, used to warn of one's intent to attack
2. (Fencing) a sharp blow with the blade made to procure an opening
[from French: challenge]


(Dutch ˈɑpəl)
(Biography) Karel (ˈkaːrəl). 1921–2006, Dutch abstract expressionist painter
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Readers learn of the swift, unanticipated expiration of another grandfather, as well, Appel discloses that his grandaunt's green Jell-O was a weapon of, and, he enlightens something of Alzheimer and what the finding meant in 1932, and why he decided to be tested for the propensity for the condition.
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Cet appel est aussi un "cri de coeur", un "cri de douleur" et un "cri de conscience"
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Appel writes clearly, unpretentiously, yet allows his first-person narrators a bitingly sarcastic remark here and there, usually to highlight the absurdity of everyday social interactions.
It is only when Appel moved to New York in the late 1950s, in fact, that his work assumed the darker tint that one might expect from an artist doggedly struggling with postwar realities.
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