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n. Law
One against whom an appeal is taken.

[French appelé, from Old French apele, from past participle of apeler, to appeal; see appeal.]


(Law) law a person who is accused or appealed against
[C16: from Old French apele summoned; see appeal]


(ˌæp əˈli)

the defendant in an appellate proceeding.
[1525–35; < Anglo-French, Old French]


n (Jur) → Revisionsbeklagte(r) mf, → Revisionsgegner(in) m(f)
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4) If the trial or appellate court determines that an appellant has dissipated or diverted assets outside the course of its ordinary business or is in the process of doing so, the court may enter orders necessary to protect the appellee, require the appellant to post a supersedeas bond in an amount up to, but not more than, the amount that would be required for an automatic stay pursuant to Rule 9.
appeals, an appellee who fails to file a brief is typically sanctioned
In the present case, appellee has alleged that conduct by officials of the executive branch amounted to an illegal nullification not only of Congress' exercise of its power, but also of appellee's exercise of his power.
The first appeal challenged the bankruptcy court's order granting relief from the automatic stay to appellee Wells Fargo Bank, N.
59) Chief Judge Markey cited an example of poor briefing in a frivolous appeal, noting that "in one case the appellant cited 57 cases, the appellee cited 74 different cases, never mentioning one of appellant's 57, and appellant came back in the reply brief with 43 more, never mentioning one of appellee's 74.
the fact that appellee informed appellant that injury to the bladder was a possible risk of the procedure could not be a defense to the claim of negligence brought by appellant .
Floyd Carroll Evans, Appellee," and it was published June 5 by the Arkansas Supreme Court.
Brief of Appellee, The Society of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, in Pierce v.
Appellee John Ward did not notify UNUM Life Insurance Co.