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[Probably French appétence, from Latin appetentia; see appetency.]

ap′pe·tent adj.


(ˈæpɪtəns) or


n, pl -tences or -tencies
1. a natural craving or desire
2. a natural or instinctive inclination
3. (Chemistry) an attraction or affinity
[C17: from Latin appetentia, from appetere to crave]


(ˈæp ɪ təns)

also ap′pe•ten•cy,

n., pl. -ten•ces also -ten•cies.
1. strong natural craving.
2. material or chemical attraction.
[1600–10; (< French appétence) < Latin appetentia]
ap′pe•tent, adj.
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Noun1.appetence - a feeling of craving somethingappetence - a feeling of craving something; "an appetite for life"; "the object of life is to satisfy as many appetencies as possible"- Granville Hicks
craving - an intense desire for some particular thing
stomach - an appetite for food; "exercise gave him a good stomach for dinner"
sweet tooth - a strong appetite for sweet food


A strong wanting of what promises enjoyment or pleasure:
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Il fait naitre chez d'autres une appetence, un desir brulant de percer le mystere de l'inconnu, de creuser la culture de toute une Afrique regroupee dans un espace reduit grace a des symboles.
Musharraf's lawyer Ilyas Siddiqui Advocate filed a petition to the court which said that the former military chief seeks permanent exemption from appetence in court hearing on security concerns.
Further, effective use of device information increases the sophistication of the whole real-time offering process with thinner segmentation of the subscriber base, a new variety of efficient offer models and even smarter usage, revenue, churn and appetence predictions.
And yet, stalling and stumbling on his way to exchange the "scratches," "nicks," and "cracked leg" for rehabilitative "start[ing] over," Eggers wrestles with the correlative craving for corrosive stasis, an appetence to "be reminded" that seems, at least in this equation of healing with detachment, to jeopardize cure.