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1. An instinctive physical desire, especially one for food or drink.
2. A strong wish or urge: an appetite for learning.
3. A collective demand: America's appetite for fossil fuels.

[Middle English apetit, from Old French, from Latin appetītus, strong desire, from past participle of appetere, to strive after : ad-, ad- + petere, to seek; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

ap′pe·ti′tive (ăp′ĭ-tī′tĭv, ə-pĕt′ĭ-tĭv) adj.
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Adj.1.appetitive - of or relating to appetiteappetitive - of or relating to appetite; "appetitive needs"
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Then we may fairly assume that they are two, and that they differ from one another; the one with which man reasons, we may call the rational principle of the soul, the other, with which he loves and hungers and thirsts and feels the flutterings of any other desire, may be termed the irrational or appetitive, the ally of sundry pleasures and satisfactions?
The first demonstration of this, of course, was noted by Estes and Skinner (1941), who showed that an aversive CS suppressed appetitive lever pressing in rats.
In previous studies, MMP-9 has been demonstrated to be mandatory in the central amygdala for formation of appetitive memory traces via synaptic plasticity the structural and physiological alteration of synapses, the connections that facilitate communication between neurons.
2) Accordingly, he identifies love at the rational level as an act of the will, and at the sensitive level as an act of the concupiscible appetitive power.
Intranasal oxytocin has potential to improve social perception, reduce cue-induced alcohol cravings, and reduce appetitive approach bias in subjects with alcohol abuse, and can be safely tolerated in this population.
The simplest explanation is to characterize the appetitive system as the approach system (i.
The two chapters on Tom Jones explained to me precisely why food as a metaphor for cultural consumption had a specific status with regard to new literary forms: the new kind of reader that Fielding's narrator brings into being is a reader who is appetitive, driven by a "hunger for narrative" (170).
On the other, there is appetitive satisfaction, 'a synonym for the simple .
Johnson, Bill Clinton - there seemed nothing overtly appetitive about him.
Our concern here is the rationale for selling a Shari'ah conscious or Halal Lifestyle by means of packaging the 'wholesome' (tayyib) and the lawful (or Shari'ah-compliant) in ways which entertain, satisfy--yet always never quite enough, and which operate by stimulating our appetitive soul-faculty.