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1. Apples stewed to a pulp, and sometimes sweetened and spiced.
2. Slang Nonsense; foolishness.


(ˈæp əlˌsɔs)

1. apples stewed to a pulp and sometimes spiced with cinnamon.
2. Slang. nonsense; bunk.
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Noun1.applesauce - puree of stewed apples usually sweetened and spicedapplesauce - puree of stewed apples usually sweetened and spiced
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
2.applesauce - nonsensical talk or writing
drivel, garbage - a worthless message
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"


Slang. Something that does not have or make sense:
Informal: tommyrot.
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Powdering the peel and putting it back into organic applesauce is a pretty clever concept, like turning apples inside out," said Schmidt.
Tuesday: Beef enchilada, Spanish rice, green beans, coleslaw, applesauce.
As summer's hot weather fades, make a warming breakfast of waffles topped with applesauce.
Tuesday: Beef enchilada casserole, Spanish rice, soup, green beans, creamy coleslaw, applesauce.
With a hamburger, cheeseburger, or CHICKEN TENDERS(R) Kids Meal, kids can now choose a side of either fries or MOTT'S(R) Strawberry Flavored Applesauce.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Applesauce Polish is pleased to announce the "Most-Abused iPod Giveaway" as part of its participation at Macworld Expo 2006 in San Francisco from January 9th to the 13th.
In trying to appeal to a generation searching for idealism (as well as perhaps boomers who have long ago lost theirs), ``The Edukators'' offers only applesauce ideas that more or less confirm the cynical mantra of the movie's corporate fat cat: ``Under 30 and not liberal, no heart.
the leading applesauce producer in Canada, plans to introduce a new, premium applesauce snack product line using Avure's HPP technology.
Tuesday: Riblet sandwich, rice pilaf, chicken soup, parsleyed carrots, creamy coleslaw, applesauce.
announced today that it has reached an agreement in principle to sell its applesauce business to Knouse Foods, a grower-owned cooperative headquartered in Peach Glen, Pennsylvania.
a developer of protective coverings for handheld electronic devices, and Applesauce Polish, a provider of polishes for electronic devices, today announced they have signed a joint marketing agreement to provide scratch removal and protection products for the Apple iPod(R) nano.