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 (ăp′lĭ-kə-tôr′ē, ə-plĭk′ə-)
Readily applicable; practical.


suitable for application


(ˈæp lɪ kəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i, əˈplɪk ə-)

fit for being applied.
ap′pli•ca•to`ri•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.applicatory - readily applicable or practical
practical - concerned with actual use or practice; "he is a very practical person"; "the idea had no practical application"; "a practical knowledge of Japanese"; "woodworking is a practical art"
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Notifying group members through the related games about how much they use self-observation and social comparison, social feedbacks, comparing these resources, their effects and providing applicatory tasks based on self-regulatory system could lead to a balance in their self-genesis resources, and finally reach to a desired level in mental health.
The two sides reviewed a number of topics concerned with the field of agriculture, including agricultural nurseries support project that aims to train and support entrepreneurs aim to establish development projects in the agricultural sector, in line with the directives of HRH Princess Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, and the establishment of a an applicatory training and agricultural development center, as well as considering the possibility of granting the diplomas degree to students of applied agricultural sciences.
In this regard, the degree to which Leavenworth embraced the applicatory method (graded problems, map exercises, and the like) was paramount.
Addressing journalists outside the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday, he said that the court's interim order was not applicatory and was similar to Article 58-2b which allows sacking elected representatives.
Positive psychology provides conceptual, methodological, institutional, and applicatory resources that would be valuable to a Christian psychologist who wishes to make use of Murphy's neo-Aristotelian model of human flourishing.
General applicability of such an argument is broadly the requirements of the applicatory features of sensation and image.
Many activities involved joint considerations, and all were part of the applicatory method of instruction adopted by both war colleges in the early 20th century.
Applicatory Framework: The regressive nature of existing tort law

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