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appoggiatura (left) connected by a slur to a G note (right)


n. Music
An embellishing note, usually one step above or below the note it precedes and indicated by a small note or special sign.

[Italian, from appoggiato, past participle of appoggiare, to lean on, from Vulgar Latin *appodiāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin podium, support (from Greek podion, base, from pous, pod-, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots).]


n, pl -ras or -re (-rɛ)
(Classical Music) music an ornament consisting of a nonharmonic note (short or long) preceding a harmonic one either before or on the stress. See also acciaccatura2
[C18: from Italian, literally: a propping, from appoggiare to prop, support]


(əˌpɒdʒ əˈtʊər ə, -ˈtyʊər ə)

n., pl. -ras.
an embellishing note falling on the beat and resolving to a main melodic note.
[1745–55; < Italian: act of propping]
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Noun1.appoggiatura - an embellishing note usually written in smaller sizeappoggiatura - an embellishing note usually written in smaller size
musical note, note, tone - a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; "the singer held the note too long"


[əˌpɒdʒəˈtʊərə] N (appoggiaturas, appoggiature (pl)) [əˌpɒdʒəˈtʊəre]apoyatura f
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Appoggiatura - An embellishing note or tone preceding an essential melodic note or tone and usually written as a note of smaller size.
If all that takes place in an hour's lesson is to learn the difference between a grace note and an appoggiatura, it would seem that the so-called "bottom line" value of the lesson is limited.
Briefly, a consists of a single cluster chord that grounds an enlarged appoggiatura (a series of ornamental notes that precedes the main note intended in the composition).
Improvisatory vocal techniques that incorporated the portamento, appoggiatura, falsetto, turns, passing notes, as well as other ornamental devices were amongst the singer's repertoire of 'special effects' used in the 'lining-out' process.
My best fourth-grade memories involve pogo-balls and sandboxes rather than worrying about appoggiatura.
of California, Los Angeles) examines cadences of the falling third, in which notes descend from the third to the first degree of the scale, in Gregorian chant, fourteenth and fifteenth century polyphony, polyphony from Dufay to Palestrina, monody and recitative in the seventeenth century and later, the appoggiatura, and the 4-3-1 figure.
The winner, Anurag Kashyap from San Diego, California, spelled appoggiatura correctly to win the championship after 19 rounds.
To mention a few, what features of notation should be normalized and why; what is the true difference between appoggiatura and acciaccatwra in this music or, generally speaking, how should ornaments be transcribed in modern notation; and what are the possibly different meanings of the wavy line used to notate portalo and the series of dotted notes joined by a slur.
He then reproduces Schoenberg's Harmonielehre example, of the extremely dissonant appoggiatura from the first movement of Mozart's G-Minor Symphony, K.
NCT (non-chord-tone labels): Appoggiatura (APP), Anticipation (ANT), Escape Tone (ET), Pedal Tone (PED), Passing Tone (PT), Neighbor Group (N GR), Neighbor Tone (NT) Retardation (RET), and Suspension (SUS).
Palmer quotes from Bach's treatise about the length of the appoggiatura (half to two-thirds of the following note) and placement (on the beat) of this ornament.
55 of the first movement is a fine example, from an ordinary dominant seventh to a rich half-diminished seventh with appoggiatura, but such instances are rare in this work.