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tr.v. ap·posed, ap·pos·ing, ap·pos·es
To place in proximity; juxtapose.

[Probably ad- + -pose (as in compose).]
References in classic literature ?
Some procure themselves, to be surprised, at such times as it is like the party that they work upon, will suddenly come upon them; and to be found with a letter in their hand, or doing somewhat which they are not accustomed; to the end, they may be apposed of those things, which of themselves they are desirous to utter.
Numerous retailers now report total retail sales as apposed to like-for-like online and in-store separately, showing the growing appreciation that both are now intrinsically linked.
We are getting him a new bed and a wardrobe, but wondered whether to apply simple shelves either side of his bed, so he can just put a book or a water glass on there, as apposed to the piles of junk he currently accumulates on his bedside tables.
Sartaj Aziz said that "Pakistan remains apposed to the policies of selectivity and discrimination".
As apposed to the cockney expression implying something other and highly unusual, apparently.
The government apposed the petition saying he could abscond if allowed to travel abroad.
In such cases, skin rashes caused by certain fabric materials is usually due to the skins over-sensitive behaviour, as apposed to the result of an allergic reaction.
Making soup with naturally grown vegetables to enrich it with aromas, in addition to its many health benefits, will pack every bite of the meal with endless explosions of flavors as apposed to store-bought vegetable stock made of inferior products and loaded with salts and preservatives.
He stressed that as apposed to wide-spread propaganda Pakistan was not all a failed sate.
2% 40-49 and 41% 50-59 were apposed to the war since the beginning.
Speaking for Nova TV Saturday, Boncheva revealed that Kiril had never and in no way apposed this collaboration, adding all Communist State Security, DS, informers had received special training one way or the other.
Our classes are go at your own pace and we focus mainly on the fitness aspect of kickboxing as apposed to the martial art.