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An appositive is a noun that serves to describe or rename another noun (or pronoun) that appears directly before it in a sentence.
When an appositive is made up of a noun phrase, it is known as an appositive phrase.
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Of, relating to, or being in apposition.
n. Grammar
A word or phrase that is in apposition.

ap·pos′i·tive·ly adv.


1. (Grammar) grammar
a. standing in apposition
b. another word for nonrestrictive
2. (Biology) of or relating to apposition
3. (Grammar) of or relating to apposition
(Grammar) an appositive word or phrase
apˈpositively adv


(əˈpɒz ɪ tɪv)

1. a word or phrase in apposition.
2. of, pertaining to, or placed in apposition.
ap•pos′i•tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.appositive - relating to or being in apposition; "an appositive noun"
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Talking to office bearers of different transport associations, he said that the government decision to reopen CNG stations will have appositive impact on environment and forex situation as it will replace costly fuel.
Engineer Rizwan Ashraf appreciated the services of Rescue-1122 and said that appositive change in our attitude during any emergency is also required.
Al-Qiyama: 15-18) in these four verses that describe the Doomsday (the Day of Judgment) is that these four verses with reference to appositive phrases in preceding and succeeding verses assign the Messenger of God with divine dignity and politeness of God to observe decorum while the verses are still being revealed to him and not to stir his tongue as long as the revelation is not yet completed.
In the relatively exceptional cases where the subject of the participle was a masculine accusative NP, speakers had two options: either to leave the participle with no distinctive inflection, as happened in the vast majority of other contexts, or to inflect it, feeling the construction to be different to the appositive one and marking it accordingly.
The spelling of W (Double-U) harkens back to a time when the symbol would have been interchangeable with the digraphs VV or UU, and thus is plainly descriptive in a way that would contain the appositive letters U, if it were not now considered a distinct character.
Alternates now register only as an appositive chain: linguistic, i.
Appositive relative clauses are often claimed to be more or less syntactically independent of the head noun.
Therefore, we need to look at the whole picture and in appositive way," added al-Jfari, calling for abiding by the UN General Assembly's resolution 46/182 that respects Syria's sovereignty and the sovereignty of other countries when distributing humanitarian aid.
We expect the growth to continue against such appositive background.
This defined meaning becomes much more relative as a result of the parenthetical insertion, which functions as an appositive.
Harvey identifies each mention of God in the Leningrad Codes that is followed by the appositive Elohim, and compares it to the counterpart in the Septuagint.
The appositive [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "works of wondrous embroideries, figures of living divine beings" in Song IX (4Q405 G 21 [= frg.