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Noun1.apprisal - informing by wordsapprisal - informing by words      
making known, informing - a speech act that conveys information
notice - advance notification (usually written) of the intention to withdraw from an arrangement of contract; "we received a notice to vacate the premises"; "he gave notice two months before he moved"
warning - notification of something, usually in advance; "they gave little warning of their arrival"; "she had only had four days' warning before leaving Berlin"
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without apprisal, he found it in an apartment where was naught but
Transparency and governance is an important aspect of brand image and is a factor that also affects the brand value, evident in the decline in CSK's brand value this year over last year," said Kapil Bellubi, vice-president of American Apprisal, a firm that carried out the latest IPL valuations.
35) Through this apprisal and assurance, the warnings protect the suspect "from being compelled to incriminate himself in any manner.