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The THI scheme would cover the square, its approach route of Howard Street, which has several listed buildings, Christ Church, which dates from the 17th century, and part of the Camp Terrace conservation area.
Solution - restrict the approach route to stop any vehicle from even halting.
Protester Margaret Tregear said the planning committee refused the application because they said there was a lack of information sufficient to satisfy the council on the approach route roads, concerns about rare bats and red kites and land map issues.
The Snow Dragon's helicopter did a reconnaissance flight over the site on Sunday afternoon to determine the best approach route for the Australian icebreaker and returned with promising news.
Surveillance Team of ANF Karachi deployed near Yousaf Goth, to watch the approach route from Quetta met a success, once it made a recovery of 10 Kgs of Charas concealed under the passenger seat of a bus arriving form Quetta.
When a torn is gobbling and strutting down a logging road, that road usually serves as his approach route.
Hopefully, a similar long-term fate does not await one of racing's best-known gathering places for a big-race celebration, the now in-administration Pheasant Inn at Shefford Woodlands, which is five miles from the village but on the approach route from the M4.
Locate a herd buck that's actively defending his harem, use good cover to approach undetected to within a hundred yards, and position yourself 20 yards or so ahead of your partner, downwind of the buck's likely approach route and with a bit of cover in front of you.
Topographical relationships among the facial nerve, chorda tympani nerve and round window with special reference to the approach route for cochlear implant surgery.
Unfortunately, the approach route the team used to reach the village had been cut off.
The document shows outlying sections of residential streets such as High Rock Road, Ashby State Road and Rindge Road as going almost completely dark, along with Oak Hill Road and Mount Elam Road as they approach Route 2, while most of Main Street and the corridor connecting downtown to the Fitchburg State College campus will remain illuminated.