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1. Possible to approach; accessible: a retreat in the mountains approachable in winter only by helicopter.
2. Easy to talk to or deal with; friendly.

ap·proach′a·bil′i·ty n.
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Noun1.approachability - the attribute of being easy to meet or deal withapproachability - the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with
friendliness - a friendly disposition
unapproachability - a disposition to be unapproachable; unfriendly and inaccessible


n (of place)Zugänglichkeit f; (fig: of person) → Umgänglichkeit f
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By marrying approachability with top-line design and engineering, the Ghost 2.
His approachability, "can do" attitude and genuine interest in listening to members impressed many he met on his campaign.
Jim Bowen's amiable cock-up fest became loveable for its amateurish approachability, but One Hundred and Eighty is so brash and loud it should really be called One Hundred and Shouty.
According to John, there are three key components to spontaneous interpretation: opportunity, approachability, and message.
Our 139-year history is steeped in tradition, with the foundation of our success built on values such as trust, integrity, approachability and a clientcentred service.
Her approachability and sincere desire to see Clinton prosper has worked wonders already all over town.
He recently attended a major event at my local club, as a guest, and I recall being told by a dyed-in-the-wool rugby man and a football cynic, how impressed everyone had been with his friendliness and approachability.
Finance Director at Ringrose Law, Andrew Watson, said: "When we first met Eclipse in 2013, at the Legal IT exhibition in London, we were taken both by the approachability of the Eclipse team and the power of the Proclaim solution.
Our 139-year history is steeped in tradition with the foundation of our success built on values such as trust, integrity, approachability and a client-centred service.
Dianne Hewitson PLEASE be aware this is an escaped display eagle hence the degree of approachability.
The upshot of her devotion to the community, passion for fairness and approachability has meant her taking on a role as advocate, particularly for Asian women who are not sure about challenging authority.
Ms Isles, 24, who joined the team 11 months ago as senior account executive, has provided core social media expertise for clients and bespoke training through Approach's training arm, Approachability.