apricot bar

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Noun1.apricot bar - fruit bar containing apricot jamapricot bar - fruit bar containing apricot jam  
fruit bar - cookies containing chopped fruits either mixed in the dough or spread between layers of dough then baked and cut in bars
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The three variants are targeted at specific health issues, with the Ginger Lemon Bar claiming to "help your tummy," the blueberry Lavender Bar to "help your mind" and the curry Apricot Bar to "help your heart.
I particularly liked the apricot bar, which smelt great and hod a lovely taste.
Special K Bar is the single best-selling cereal bar in the whole market and since launch in 2001, the Special K Bar portfolio has grown to three with Special K Apple & Pear Bar recently joining Special K Peach & Apricot Bar and original Special K Bar Crunchy Nut is the latest brand to join the bar revolution as the cereal makes its debut in the smaller format.