apricot sauce

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Noun1.apricot sauce - for Chinese dishes: apricot preserves and chutneyapricot sauce - for Chinese dishes: apricot preserves and chutney
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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To celebrate this romantic holiday, Regent Taipei also presents a series of deliciously sweet pastries, including Rich Chocolate Tart made with black and white chocolate hazelnut ganache and caramel cream, Dark Chocolate Cheesecake made with 70% bittersweet chocolate and Chef-Special Sacher made from black chocolate and apricot sauce.
The menu will feature pork loin with apricot sauce, rolls, German potato salad, glazed carrots, apple bars.
Once you put the cheese tart in your mouth,' he explained, 'the creamy part melts and disappears, leaving behind the apricot sauce with a citrusy taste.
Santa Cruz Organic Apple 4 70 0 17 Apricot Sauce Cup 9.
But my friend and I both opted for roast pork with almond and apricot sauce and sage stuffing.
Why they made it out of ingredients from hot climates i'll never know, but it's traditional to use banana ice cream and serve it with an apricot sauce.
Struck Catering will prepare a sit-down Celtic-inspired meal featuring boneless statler breast of chicken with lemon and rosemary glaze Indian apricot sauce.
Santa Cruz Organic offers organic Applesauce, Apple Apricot Sauce, Apple Cinnamon Sauce, Tropical Fruit Sauce, and Apple Peach Sauce in 4-ounce-size cups.
From the set menu, chicken galantine was attractively presented, surrounded with delicate drops of a smooth, sweet apricot sauce and topped with crunchy pieces of pork crackling.
Guests can begin their gastronomic journey with dishes such as duck confit wrapped in chard leaves, served with a spicy apricot sauce and roasted almonds; followed by an entree of lamb cutlets with grape molasses, “firik” pilaf and fresh garden herbs; and end their experience with a traditional quince dessert with mince and clotted cream, a unique, local treat.
Apricot sauce 250g dried apricots 100g caster sugar 30g ginger Method Simmer the apricots and ginger in just enough water to cover until soft (about 20 mins).
The Christmas party menu has a choice of starters including crab or warmed stilton tartlet, while main courses include Northumbrian Pheasant with dried fruit and herb stuffing in a white wine and apricot sauce.