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 (ăk′wə-rĕl′, ä′kwə-)
A painting done in transparent watercolors.

[French, from obsolete Italian acquarella, water color, diminutive of acqua, water, from Latin aqua; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots.]

aq′ua·rel′list n.


1. (Art Terms) a method of watercolour painting in transparent washes
2. (Art Terms) a painting done in this way
[C19: from French]
ˌaquaˈrellist n


(ˌæk wəˈrɛl, ˌɑ kwə-)

a drawing using transparent watercolors.
[1865–70; < French < Italian acquarella (now obsolete) watercolor < Latin aquār(ius) of water (see aquarium) + Italian -ella -elle]
aq`ua•rel′list, n.
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Maudit aquarelle cartoon, "Cooptation 101, part of myseries , Entartete Kunst.
Among the stars of the festival will be singers from Welsh National Opera with the festival community chorus, vocal group VOCES8, Italian pianist Federico Colli, early music group Red Priest, composer Robat Arwyn, tenor Rhys Meirion, Ensemble Cymru, violinist Ye-Eun Choi and the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet.
But whether the schematic shapes evocative of birds in flight in the aquarelle (that was a preparatory study for the fresco in the temple) have any conscious connection with similar forms in tantric art (to Indian eyes the resemblance is striking) is, of course, as open a question as the form his project in Indore might have taken.
While Michaelides will be teaching all there is to know about ceramics, Michael will be teaching about aquarelle painting.
C'est une peinture sur toile reproduite en aquarelle avec une touche kabyle.
Aguilar Alcuaz, declared National Artist of Visual Art in 2009, demonstrates the distinctiveness of watercolor in creating transparencies in a Italo-French technique called aquarelle, in his exhibition Abstract Aquarelles.
It uses the helicoid focussing mechanism, and has a 37 degrees field of view It brings in the dreamy world of soft focus on photographs if you shoot at apertures below f/4, and also has support for Lumiere and Aquarelle aperture plates that add soft radiance glow and textures to photographs, respectively.
En effet, l'institution presente, a chaque saison culturelle, une belle aquarelle de thematiques musicales, theatrales, lyriques, choregraphiques et plastiques, realisant des taux de remplissage record par des publics de plus en plus varies et de plus en plus exigeants.
also like drawing with charcoal and 'sketching' with aquarelle
C'est done la dimension rhetorique qui a retenu mon attention dans toutes les representations selectionnees, dont la premiere que j'aborderai (corpus 1) est une aquarelle peinte par Lagace pour le char 25 du defile de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste de 1927.
In Von Caspar David Friedrich bis Adolph Menzel: Aquarelle tmd Zeichnungen der Romantik aus der Nationalgalerie Berlin/DDR, edited by Gottfried Riemann and Klaus Albrecht Schroder, 27-36.
AQUARELLE A Type of sea anemone B Method of etching on copper C Water-colour painting who am I?