aqueous solution

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Noun1.aqueous solution - a solution in wateraqueous solution - a solution in water      
solution - a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances; frequently (but not necessarily) a liquid solution; "he used a solution of peroxide and water"
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In this study, metal ions adsorption isotherm is presented as a function of the equilibrium concentration of Ni (II) and Cd (II) in the aqueous solution at room temperature and in the equilibrium conditions.
In contrast, the adsorption of two reactive dyes (Reactive Red 23 and Reactive Blue 171) and two acid dyes (Acid Black 1 and Acid Blue 193) from aqueous solution on CFA was pH-dependent with the maximum adsorption capacity at the initial pH of the solution of 7.
Transfinity elastomer composites are produced in a patented liquid phase mixing process in which carbon black is pre-dispersed in an aqueous solution and then mixed directly with natural rubber latex.
A half fraction factorial Central Composite Design (CCD), with sixteen cube point runs, ten axial point runs and 6 replications at the centre point leading to a total number of 32 experiments were employed for the optimization of parameters for removal of CV dye from aqueous solution.
The relationship between time of exposure and weight losses of experimental material for system of aqueous solution inclusive 0.
Therefore, investigations on the water vapor (refrigerant) mass transfer flux into the aqueous solution for commercially available microporous hydrophobic membranes, under realistic operating conditions inside the absorber, need to be performed.
with or without ferrous ions to form liquefied CCA-treated wood (b) adding water or an aqueous solution of an organic solvent to the liquefied CCA-treated wood with stirring to obtain an aqueous solution of liquefied CCA-treated wood (c) adding complexing or precipitating agents, such as phosphoric acid or calcium hydroxide to the aqueous solution of step (b) thereby precipitating insoluble heavy metal complexes or precipitates and forming a solution of detoxified CCA-treated wood (d) separating said heavy metal complexes or precipitates from the solution of detoxified liquefied CCA-treated wood and (e) isolating chromated copper arsenate from said heavy metal complex or precipitate.
Pieces include Damien Hirst's Ethidium Bromide Aqueous Solution, Francis Bacon's Study for a Portrait of John Edwards, Henry Moore's Mother and Child, David Hockney's The Church Tower and the Clock and Lucian Freud's Head of a Woman.
The company also supplies solvent or aqueous solution used in cleaning parts and tools and recovers spent solvent.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 30, 2005 - (JCNN) - Takara Bio announced on August 29 that it has established an efficient method to extract polyterpene, a tumor growth inhibitor, using alkaline aqueous solution.