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 (ə-răb′ə-nōs′, ăr′ə-bə-)
A pentose sugar, C5H10O5, obtained from plant polysaccharides such as gums and hemicelluloses.

[(gum) arab(ic) + -in + -ose.]


(əˈræbɪˌnəʊz; -ˌnəʊs)
(Elements & Compounds) a pentose sugar in plant gums, esp of cedars and pines. It is used as a culture medium in bacteriology. Formula: C5H10O5
[C19: from arabin (from (gum) arab(ic) + -in) + -ose2]


(əˈræb əˌnoʊs)

a white, crystalline solid, C5H10O5, used esp. as a culture medium in bacteriology.
[1880–85; arabin the soluble essence of certain gums = ((gum) arab(ic) + -in1) + -ose2]
a•rab`i•nos′ic (-ˈnɒs ɪk) adj.
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The contents of the arabinose and rhamnose in BX were less than 1% each, but the arabinose content in OX was 11.
2013) used a cocktail of hemicellulolytic enzymes, endo(1-4)- [beta]-xylanase, [beta]-xylosidase, and [alpha]-L-arabinofuranosidases for saccharification to remove arabinose and degrade the xylan backbone and further incubated a fraction with apolar oligosaccharides which had not been hydrolyzed with Ultraflo L and AG-II- Hydrolase which contain ferulolyl esterase activity to successfully remove some ferulolyl groups.
The innovations are numerous and wide ranging, from demonstrating the importance of fermenting renewable sugars like arabinose and xylose from plant biomass like corn bran or energy crops like switchgrass, to utilizing powerful new enzymes such as beta xylosidase and specialized yeast strains and other microorganisms that can improve the efficiency of sugar-to-ethanol conversions.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Item Size CHROM agar-Candida,500G Sabouraud Dextrose Agar , 500G Sabouraud Dextrose broth ,100G Corn meal agar Oxoid,500G Sodium chloride,500G Calcium chloride, 500G Yeast nitrogen base,100G Maltose powder ,500G Trehalose powder ,100G Galactose powder ,100G Lactose powder , 500G Sucrose powder ,500G Dextrose powder , 500G Xylose powder , 100G Inositol powder , 100G Dulcitol powder, 100G Arabinose powder,100G Adonitol powder , 500G Bovine serum albumin,25G Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate,500.
2]S production; URE, urease; TDA, tryptophan deaminase; IND, indole production; VP, acetoin production; GEL, gelatinase; GLU, glucose; MAN, mannitol; INO, inositol; SOR, sorbitol; RHA, rhamnose; SAC, saccharose; MEL, melibiose; AMY, amygdalin; ARA, arabinose.
I have noticed that arabinose, a marker indicating yeast/fungal overgrowth on the organic acid test at the Great Plains Laboratory, is correlated with high amounts of oxalates (Figure 1).
The carbohydrate portion contains a variety of insoluble polysaccharides (containing rhamnose, arabinose, galactose, galacturonic acid, glucose, xylose, and mannose) and soluble components, such as sucrose, raffinose, and stachyose (Eldrige et al.
Deinococcus bacteria are the only microorganisms that are able to co-assimilate all C6 and C5 sugars1 found in industrial biomass (glucose, xylose, also arabinose, etc.
Dibasic sodium phosphate, sodium carbonate, Folin-Ciocalteu reagent (FCR), sodium hydroxide, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide as well as standard compounds catechin, piceid (polydatin), transresveratrol, quercetin, myricetin, quercetin glucoside, kaempferol, 3, 4-dihydroxybenzoic acid (3, 4-DHB), caffeic acid, syringic acid, salicylic acid, ferulic acid, gallic acid, sinapinic acid, myo-inositol, arabitol, glucitol, mannitol, fucose, cellobiose, galactose, glucose, fructose, arabinose, xylose, ribose, acetic acid, were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (Germany or USA).
It did not produce acid from D- glucose, D-mannose, D-fructose, maltose, D-mannitol, rhamnose, sucrose, D-trehalose, D-galactose, cellobiose, D- raffinose, xylose, lactose, ribose, arabinose, D-melezitose, D-salicin and aesculin.