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 (ə-răk′nə-fō′bē-ə, -nō-)
An abnormal fear of spiders.

[Greek arakhnē, spider + -phobia.]

a·rach′no·phobe′ n.
a·rach′no·pho′bic adj.


(Pathology) an abnormal fear of spiders
[C20: from Greek arakhnē spider + -phobia]
aˌrachnoˈphobic adj, n
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Noun1.arachnophobia - a morbid fear of spiders
zoophobia - a morbid fear of animals


nArachnophobie f, → Angst fvor Spinnen
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But according to recent reports, arachnophobes are in for a stressful few weeks.
The male spiders are said to sample the silk that females leave behind when they've made a web to see if it's from the same species, so the advice to arachnophobes and anyone not wanting unwanted creepy crawly house guests is to dust and clean regularly to prevent them being attracted to your home.
ARACHNOPHOBES look away now - Spiders as big as mice could be set to invade North East homes, experts have warned.
Arachnophobes beware, the annual Tarantula Awareness Festival takes place in Coarsegold, California.
Not Wales or STV) Arachnophobes are strongly advised not to watch this episode, as Britain's largest spider is tracked down by Liz Bonnin (left).
Spider season's in full swing and I wonder how the arachnophobes among us - half of women and 10 per cent of men, because men are brave warriors without fear/don't admit they're actually cacking themselves (delete as you wish) - are managing not to have an epic meltdown on a daily basis.
WARNING: the column that follows may not be suitable for people of nervous disposition, or arachnophobes, or people who are afraid of wasps or zombies.
Trust us, even arachnophobes among you will love it 8&9 FOOD The Castle in Aberaeron is officially a 'Great Little Place' and you could win dinner, bed and breakfast for two there.
Spider Seduction," a mixed-media work by Belgium's Pascale Bernier, may have given goosebumps to any arachnophobes in the house.
Arachnophobes might wish to stay clear, but all others are invited to hear Lewis & Clark College biology professor Greta Binford give a lecture on the evolution of spider venom at 7:30 p.
Fun and unusual, even arachnophobes can indulge in this quirky print trend.