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 (ə-răk′nə-fō′bē-ə, -nō-)
An abnormal fear of spiders.

[Greek arakhnē, spider + -phobia.]

a·rach′no·phobe′ n.
a·rach′no·pho′bic adj.


(Pathology) an abnormal fear of spiders
[C20: from Greek arakhnē spider + -phobia]
aˌrachnoˈphobic adj, n
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Noun1.arachnophobia - a morbid fear of spiders
zoophobia - a morbid fear of animals


nArachnophobie f, → Angst fvor Spinnen
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And Tracie Huntington wrote: "As an arachnophobic I take my hat off to you all.
Now I am not, generally, any more arachnophobic than the next man and as the next man happens to be my wife, who fears nothing other than wasps and the occasional scorpion, you would not be far wrong in judging my fear of spiders to be minimal.
I'm a complete arachnophobic - terrified of spiders
Arachnophobic Amy Walpole, 38, was sent into a "blind panic" after the creepy crawly dropped into her lap in her red Mazda MX-5, a court heard.
AN ARACHNOPHOBIC mum has kept her windows shut for three years because of a spider-infested tree outside her house.
An arachnophobic motorist realised there was a spider in her car while she was driving on the motorway and could not drive Knowing it was in the car.
He tweeted Wednesday night that "I'm homophobic just like I'm arachnophobic.
I'm sure they would have missed their barbie home, but most of them seem to have gone with it, much to the delight of my arachnophobic better half.
London, Nov 13 (ANI): An arachnophobic party entertainer has broken the world record for the largest sculpture with inflatables by making a 46ft-wide spider with 3,000 balloons.
The arachnophobic, of Solihull, whose son Nathan, aged six, is autistic, decided to face the giant creepy crawly for the National Autistic Society.