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 (ə-răg′ə-nīt′, ăr′ə-gə-)
An orthorhombic mineral form of crystalline calcium carbonate, dimorphic with calcite.

[After Aragon.]




(Minerals) a generally white or grey mineral, found in sedimentary rocks and as deposits from hot springs. Composition: calcium carbonate. Formula: CaCO3. Crystal structure: orthorhombic
[C19: from Aragon + -ite1]


(əˈræg əˌnaɪt, ˈær ə gə-)

a carbonate mineral, CaCO3, chemically identical with calcite but differing in key physical properties.
[1795–1805; after Aragon (the province, where first found) + -ite1]
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Noun1.aragonite - a mineral form of crystalline calcium carbonate; dimorphic with calcite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Some samples contain Ca-rich dolomite (or ankerite) and calcite, while aragonite is present exclusively in sample D16 as a dominant mineral (Table 1).
Berth occupancy was observed at the Port t 56% on Wednesday where a total of nine ships namely, Maersk Algeciras, Maersk Kinloss, CS Flourish, CH Yasa Gulten, Theofano Star, Caspian Gas, Gas Husky, Navig-8 Aragonite and Al-Salam-II are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, coal, general cargo, soya bean seeds, LPG, palm oil and disesl oil respectively during last 24 hours.
2003) isolated a protein complex composed of pearlin and pearl keratin from the nacreous layer of pearl beads and oyster shells, which could induce aragonite crystallization.
The allotropic form of Aragonite has got huge applications in research consideration because of its biocompatible properties.
Heliopora coerulea is the only species in the subclass Octocorallia that has a crystalline aragonite skeleton.
About 30% of aragonite carbon is derived from metabolism and is directly related to changes in diet (Kalish, 1991; Gao et al.
Development of moulds and vuggs by dissolution of calcite at shallow depth, mole per mole replacement of high Mg unstable calcite and aragonite and fracturing due to active tectonism and burial compaction are the processes involved in porosity and permeability enhancement.
Pre-Qualification: 1) The bidder should have be a manufacturer / Authorized dealer of fire suppression product FM 200 / NOVEC 1230 / Aragonite systems.
8] studied the effect of magnesium and sulphate ions on the kinetics precipitation and morphology of aragonite at fixed temperature of 60[degrees]C.
Limestone is a sedimentary rock that comprises mostly of aragonite and minerals calcite.
Mongin's team used carbon, salinity and temperature data and simulations to estimate aragonite levels across the Great Barrier Reefs 3,581 individual reefs.
3] which exist in several crystallographic polymorphs such as calcite (R-trigonal), aragonite (Porthorhombic), and vaterite (P-hexagonal) [1, 2].