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 (ə-răg′ə-nīt′, ăr′ə-gə-)
An orthorhombic mineral form of crystalline calcium carbonate, dimorphic with calcite.

[After Aragon.]




(Minerals) a generally white or grey mineral, found in sedimentary rocks and as deposits from hot springs. Composition: calcium carbonate. Formula: CaCO3. Crystal structure: orthorhombic
[C19: from Aragon + -ite1]


(əˈræg əˌnaɪt, ˈær ə gə-)

a carbonate mineral, CaCO3, chemically identical with calcite but differing in key physical properties.
[1795–1805; after Aragon (the province, where first found) + -ite1]
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Noun1.aragonite - a mineral form of crystalline calcium carbonate; dimorphic with calcite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Calcite may transform into aragonite by grinding in a mortar [16].
With the planned network expansion, residents and commuters along I-80 west from the Aragonite Exit to Mile Marker 32 and from Mile Marker 10 to the Nevada state border, including the town of Wendover; and along I-80 north of Park City from Mile Marker 152 to Mile Marker 174 will have access to the nation s fastest 4G network, to surf the Web, stream live music and video, and stay in touch with family and friends, all with speeds up to 10 times faster than before.
In recent years, subjecting the material to the modern tools of scientific analysis, scientists have divined the fine points of nacre architecture and developed models to help explain its astonishing durability: 3,000 times more fracture resistant than the mineral from which it is made, aragonite.
However, several kinetic factors (hydration of Mg2+ ions in seawater, high ionic strength of seawater, relative efficiency of aragonite and high-Mg calcite precipitation, inhibition effects of SO42- ions) mitigate its formation (Scholle & Ulmer-Scholle 2003).
Otoliths are composed of an aragonite lattice deposited on a protein matrix; this lattice incorporates trace elements, derived mainly from the surrounding water mass (Walther and Thorrold, 2006), as deposition occurs (Campana, 1999).
All shell samples were tested for recrystallisation prior to dating and only samples composed of aragonite were dated.
During that period, the lowest depth at which aragonite saturates the water has migrated upward as much as 150 meters in the tropical Atlantic, for example.
2] carbon is also transported to the deep ocean in another way: Some plankton, such as coccolithophorids, planktonic foraminifera, and pteropods produce beautiful calcite and aragonite shells or tests that sink toward the seafloor when the organisms die.
They studied in their models changes in the saturation level of aragonite (a form of calcium carbonate) typically used to measure of ocean acidification.
Serpulids (Family Serpulidae) dwell in calcium carbonate tubes made of aragonite, calcite or a mixture of aragonite and calcite (Bornhold & Milliman 1973; Vinn et al.
Quality control was maintained by assaying a dissolved aragonite standard (Yoshinaga et al.