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1. Subject to arbitration: an arbitrable wage and health benefits policy.
2. Appropriate for referral to an arbitrator: an arbitrable dispute.


(ˈɑr bɪ trə bəl)

capable of arbitration; subject to the decision of an arbiter or arbitrator: an arbitrable dispute.
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Adj.1.arbitrable - appropriate for or subject to settlement by arbitrationarbitrable - appropriate for or subject to settlement by arbitration; "an arbitrable wage and health benefits policy"; "an arbitrable dispute"
nonarbitrable - not appropriate for or subject to arbitration
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or the terms, conditions or benefits of such employment, including whether such dispute or claim is arbitrable, will be settled by binding arbitration.
6) This rising suspicion of Sharia Law has caused English legislators to take a closer look and some now fear that family law might actually be considered arbitrable under the 1996 Act, despite tradition to the contrary, and now propose a more direct ban via the so-called "Equality" Bill, which would cement the ban on all consideration of family law matters in arbitration.
166) Most directly applicable to our discussion, the Court held that antitrust claims were arbitrable in Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
Dans les deux cas, le caractere arbitrable des differends portant sur la paternite est plus difficilement reconnu en France qu'au Canada, oU il ne fait desormais aucun doute que l'action en contrefacon ou en violation du droit moral peut etre soumise a l'arbitrage, comme aux Etats-Unis (65).
The Arbitration Act establishes that, as a matter of federal law, any doubts concerning the scope of arbitrable issues should be resolved in favor of arbitration, whether the problem at hand is the construction of the language itself or an allegation of waiver, delay, or a like defense to arbitrability.
claims can proceed in an arbitrable forum, just as the Credit Repair
Leominster Police Chief Robert Healey said the city was simply trying to push off the arbitration hearing so the court could rule if it is even an arbitrable case.
The Arbitration Act established that, as a matter of federal law, any doubts concerning the scope of arbitrable issues should be resolved in favor of arbitration.
Given the latest trilogy of cases, Florida courts may even have to reconsider the oft-enunciated requirements courts must consider in ruling on a motion to compel arbitration of a given dispute: "(1) whether a valid written agreement to arbitrate exists; (2) whether an arbitrable issue exists; and (3) whether the fight to arbitration was waived.
278) Either approach would be an improvement over current practices and would have the benefit of (1) expanding the realm of arbitrable disputes and arbitration agreements and (2) reducing unnecessary litigation.