arbor vitae

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white cedar
Thuja occidentalis


also ar·bor vi·tae (är′bər-vī′tē)
1. Any of various coniferous evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Thuja of North America and eastern Asia, having flattened branchlets with opposite, scalelike leaves and small cones. They are grown as ornamentals and for timber. Also called thuja.
2. Any similar plant of the related genera Platycladus or Thujopsis.
3. Anatomy The white nerve tissue of the cerebellum, which has a treelike outline in a median section.

[From New Latin arbor vītae, tree of life : Latin arbor, tree + Latin vītae, genitive of vīta, life; see vital.]

arbor vitae

(ˈɑːbɔː ˈviːtaɪ; ˈvaɪtiː) or


(Plants) any of several Asian and North American evergreen coniferous trees of the genera Thuja and Thujopsis, esp Thuja occidentalis, having tiny scalelike leaves and egglike cones. See also red cedar
[C17: from New Latin, literally: tree of life]
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We require an infusion of hemlock, spruce or arbor vitae in our tea.
The maintenance facility, known as the Southwestern Yard, will be located at Arbor Vitae and Bellanca, while park and ride lots will be built at Crenshaw and Exposition, Florence and West and Florence and La Brea stations.
Most are white pines, spruce and arbor vitae, and are located on the crest and downstream slope of the dike.
A second collection from the award-winning poet Nigel Humphreys (The Flavour of Parallel, Arbor Vitae, pounds 7.
Na Arbor vitae crucifixae Iesu (1305), obra maior do franciscano Ubertino de Casale (c.
Jeremy Williams is a principal of Arbor Vitae Environmental Services Ltd.
It is being held with environmentalists Carbon Earth, health company Arbor Vitae, the Forestry Commission and the Countryside Council for Wales.
has been stringing lines between the arbor vitae and dogwood