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1. Relating to or resembling a tree.
2. Living in trees; arboreous: arboreal apes.

[From Latin arboreus, from arbor, tree.]

ar·bo′re·al·ly adv.


in trees or by trees
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spenceri is the most arboreally adapted of south-eastern Australian scincids (Brown 1986).
Interestingly, the gun's most obvious departure from other carbines of the period, the lack of a fore-end, like the similarly arboreally deprived Maynard, doesn't seem to have elicited much passion one way or the other.
The men carrying another wardrobe mirror also cheat: the mirror reflects boughs "sliding and swaying not arboreally, but with a human vacillation, produced by the nature of those who were carrying this sky, these boughs" (G 6; D 12).