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Having the size, form, or characteristics of a tree; treelike.

[Latin arborēscēns, arborēscent-, present participle of arborēscere, to grow to be a tree, from arbor, tree.]

ar′bo·res′cence n.
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Thus passed the leafy time when arborescence seems to be the one thing aimed at out of doors.
Preliminary evaluation: The effects of aloe ferox miller and Aloe arborescence Miller on wound healing.
Similarly, every graded rooted arborescence (same as forest but each node is higher than its children) is a skeletal poset.
Jazz Arborescence Aaron Parks WHEN he was just 15, Aaron Parks was already reading maths, computer science and music at the University of Washington.
We also saw Arborescence Capital, who met with the energy minister; it looks like they will be mainly cooperating on solar energy.
Arborescence Capital is specialised in the design, structuring, implementation, trade and the management of financing instruments required by infrastructure projects in the energy sector.