Highly conservative, especially in political viewpoint.

arch′con·ser′va·tive n.
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Hodge was the archconservative, Bushnell the archliberal.
Chris Hedges says he thought long and hard about using the word fascist when discussing the Christian Right--the politically active, fundamentalist evangelicals like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and dozens of other archconservative Christian leaders most Americans have never heard of.
Some commentators speculate that it's part of a strategy to raise the profile of her husband-an archconservative blue blood who's trying to convince a skeptical public of his reformist credentials.
While The Defeat of the Mind was sometimes compared to archconservative Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind, Finkielkraut himself is hard to place.
But President Bush has ignored the message, resubmitting a group of archconservative, underqualified judicial nominees that Senate Democrats have already said are unacceptable.
So archconservative Thomas Sowell has finally exposed Teddy Roosevelt as a fraud, after all these years of veneration by America.
In her words, "The Illustrated Family Bible, with its combination of the latest and best in graphic technology and the most old-fashioned and archconservative in commentary, glaringly displays the increasingly contradictory values of the British family and its bible" (64).
The paranoid tradition that invokes secret societies is particularly problematic in this respect; as Allen's example demonstrates, these narratives have frequently been deployed by archconservative groups with a demonizing, racist agenda.
For the moment Ramazzini appears to have general support, even among the archconservative Opus Dei factions.
Today it's all conservative, archconservative, or downright rightwing literature.
Wynton Marsalis - Live At The House Of Tribes (Blue Note 7243 4 77133 2 3) HHH The archconservative has been sounding a little livelier since joining the Blue Note roster.
ambassador to the West African nation of Mali--a move investigative journalist Ann Louise Bardach, writing in her book "Cuba Confidential," attributes to archconservative Cuban exile Otto Reich.